Why My Aircon Is Noisy When Switched On?

If your AC is noisy, professionals recommend that you check the noise quality first before identifying the cause. They also recommend that you check where the noise is coming from. For instance, if the pitch is unusually high, it could indicate that there is glitch in the compressor or if the sound is rattling or clanking, it could come from some loose spares in the AC unit. However, a more serious setback would be evident if you hear some hissing tone in the noises, as the AC unit valves could be affected.

So what exactly could be the cause of noise in your air conditioner?

Below are few reasons why:

Some of the noises are standard

Before venturing in the real reasons why your aircon noisy sound is awful each day it’s switched on or off, it would be vital to first mention various noises that are perfectly customary to exit from an AC. They include:

– Buzzing sound as soon as your fan is ignited
– Abrupt thumping noise after the air conditioner is switched on
– Air flowing sound in and out of the AC duct

Noises that Signify Problems

Screeching Noises

A screeching noise in an AC shows that there could be an underlying problem in the air conditioner unit. It depends more on the type of set-up your model has.

If your model is structured to be belt-driven, a screeching sound indicates a slackly affixed belt in the AC unit. A washed-out belt could also make the screeching noise during turning.

If you have the latest model fitted with direct-drive motors, the sound could be a result of worn out bearings. This is easily fixable.

To solve the problem in both causes, you would have to replace the troubled areas, which are the belt and the bearing. A trained technician would be the ideal person to fix the problem for you, but that is if you cannot do it yourself.

Clanking Noise

If you hear a clanking noise in your air conditioner, it generally indicates that there is a loose hardware or there is low oil-level in the compressors. You can also check the blower as it could be one the main causes too. This too, can be fixed by a professional as they would know where to handle best.

Cracking or Popping Noise

If your air conditioner is emitting cracking or popping noises while running or immediately it shuts down, the main reason could lie in the air-duct, in every possibility. The air-duct behaves that way when its inside expands and contracts from internal temperature alterations. However, it is not too grave to worry about so much since it can be fixed easily by making little indentation to the duct surface. The indentation in this case, alters the levelness of the duct and cuts back the noise.

Nonetheless, too frequent and loud sounds may indicate that your air duct requires some cleanup. There could be blower hitches also. To fix this, it is advisable to contact a professional as a DIY job may not come in handy and a professional could do it best.

Hissing Noise

One of the most dangerous noises to be emitted from your AC is a hissing sound. This is because it signifies excess pressure on the compressor or an inside valve leakage. It could worry you as its maintenance requires an expert who will turn the Ac upside down to get to the bottom of the problem.

Avoiding Aircon Noisy Mishaps

According to Ac professionals, almost all noisy situations arising from your AC can be prevented. This is by having regular preventive checkups and maintenance carried out on your AC unit. Look for a technician who will clean the coils and grease the necessary parts. He should also be able to spot small problems sooner than they turn to huge, pricey headaches.

Generally, AC manufacturers advise that if you spot any problem with your air conditioning unit, it is best if called a professional for assistance. Air conditioners are complicated electrical units and attempting to fix them on your own could be one dangerous venture. It is even more dangerous when you are not trained to do it the right way. You wouldn’t want to lose an expensive asset simply because you can try and do it yourself.