Why Is Our House Aircon Aren’t Freezeing And Cooling?

It is very difficult to live in Singapore without air-conditioning due to the high temperature and high humidity as Singapore is surrounded by ocean. Sometimes, households purchase air-conditioners of foreign brands which are not adjusted correctly for working in Singapore. Therefore, if you having a foreign air-conditioning unit at home, it is important to adjust it correctly so that it can work in the hot and humid environment of Singapore.

If the airconditioner suddenly stops working in the summer season, it can be a very frustrating experience. There can be many reasons for the aircon unit to suddenly stopped working. Since the airconditioner as both electrical components as well as cooling components, the stoppage may be due to a fault in any of these systems.

The best way to get your airconditioner repaired is to hire the services of a professional air-conditioning repairing service. Do not ever try to repair it yourself as the electric components in the airconditioning unit may give you an electric shock. It also important to note that some of the components inside an aircon unit have warranty and therefore the warranty may be broken if you accidentally break the seal or damage the component further.

One of the first things you need to do when your aircon stops working is to check the power switch. Sometimes, air-conditioner may stop working due to a fault in the power supply. Just try to switch on and switch off the airconditioner a few times. In the airconditioner does not start working, you may conclude that the fault lies inside the airconditioner and you should call an airconditioner servicing professional to check the fault in the unit.

Sometimes the airconditioning unit keeps working but the cooling system inside the unit does not work. In other words, the airconditioner. stops cooling the air or aircon not cold happens. If there is cooling issue with the airconditioner unit, then the Aircon servicing professional will able go diagnose the problem and fix the problem for you.

One of the common reasons of freezing of air-conditioner is the lack of refrigerant or Freon in the unit. Freon is responsible for sucking the heat out those air and making it cool. When the airconditioning unit loses its refrigerant, the unit cannot cool the air and hence your airconditioner suddenly stops cooling.

Another common reason for freezing of airconditioner is the lack of flow ducts. It may be due to smaller size of air ducts or due to collection of dirt and grime in the air duct. When the air cannot flow freely inside the aircon unit, it is not impossible for the cooling unit to remove the heat from circulating air efficiently. And this results in the freezing aircon’s unit. If the temperature of the thermostat is too low, it can also result in stoppage of aircon.

Experts recommend that the best solution is to buy an airconditioner unit which has been made keeping the hot and humid climate of Singapore in mind. However, if you having a unit which has been made specifically for the Singapore region and still have an issues, there may be another problem in the airconditioning unit.

One of the reasons could be the age of an airconditioning unit. Many people don’t know air-conditioners also have a sell by date which means that the cooling unit stops working efficiently and is unable to cool the air as good as it used to in its early years. So, if your airconditioner has suddenly stopped working, check the age of the unit. If it is past its useful date, the best solution is to replace your airconditioning unit. You may able geting a few months out of date depending on the servicing and maintenance done for the unit. On an average, an airconditioner lasts up to 15 years in Singapore.

There are many small components in an air-conditioning unit. Although, all of the components are of high quality in the branded aircon units, sometimes a particular part may fail due to quality issues. In such case, and a trained aircon servicing professional will able go diagnose the issue and replace the faulty part.

Therefore, it is always recommended to hire the services of an aircon servicing professional company to get your airconditioner to work again.