Why My Aircon Still Not cold After Running For hours?

Why is the room not cold enough even after the air-con has been running for a few hours?

Air conditioning is a part and parcel of life in Singapore especially with the temperature going up over these past few months. It is sometimes a luxury that we take for granted until it cease to work at the desired rate. Here are some reasons why the room is not cold even after the unit has been running for a few hours.

One of the common problems of this issue has got to do with the air-conditioning unit. One of the 3 common problems with the unit is the lack of refrigerant. This could be due to a leak in your piping to the condenser unit or your condenser unit. The symptoms of this problem are that it is blowing warm air and there is water or in worst case scenario; ice forming on the lower panel of the air conditioning unit. This can easily be fixed by hiring an air-conditioning service company who will top up your refrigerant and find out exactly where the leak is at.

The next problem with the air-conditioning could be the fan coil is dirty. Just like a fan, having dirt around the fan will cause the machine to work doubly hard without the desired result. The symptom of this problem is that the cool air which is coming out of the unit, at a very weak form of pressure. This could also be solved by calling an air-conditioning repair person who would then clean it using a chemical cleaning agent or with an air-pressure jet.

One problem with the air-conditioning unit is that you can solve is to check your thermostat. The thermostat maybe set at a very high temperature and could thus result in the air-conditioning unit needing a longer time to be able to cool the room.

The last problem that could cause the long duration to cool the room with the air-conditioning unit is its size. Each air-conditioning unit has a certain ability to cool a certain room size and to work efficiently. Your air-conditioning unit could be too small or underpowered to cool down the room. You can check out about this from the product manual which comes with the air-conditioning unit.

The next part will cover problems which will occur 1 to 2 months after the installation of the air-conditioning unit. One of the common problems is that it is not installed properly. This could result in a few problems like the refrigerant not being directed to the fan coil to be able to produce the cool air. These air-conditioning units are either installed in an improper position restricting the refrigerant from flowing into the fan coil. The other problem to check after installation is that if the air-conditioning unit is in the direction of direct sunlight, near to or opposite a window. This could lead to a collective set of problems from water dripping from the unit to damage fan-coil.

Last but not least, the problem why it is not cooling the room down fast enough is that the outdoor condenser unit is obstructed or could be very dirty. This usually occurs in air-conditioning units that are more than a decade old. Dust and dirt more or less will be collected on the condenser. This is a simple problem which could be solved by engaging an air-conditioning servicing company to clean your condenser at an affordable price.