Why Does my Air-conditioner Switches On and Off by Itself?

Why does my air-conditioner switches on and off by itself?

Air conditioners are always a welcoming sight in Singapore. In a hot and humid environment such as Singapore, it can almost be termed as a necessary item inside buildings or home of any kind. Imagine yourself perspiring, with sweat forming on your face, your sweat-soaked shirt clinging onto your body, with hot air around you. Then, you stepped into your air-conditioned room, and you feel cool air enveloping and engulfing you. You feel the cool air blowing onto your face, cooling your hot body down. The feeling is just simply fantastic.

Just as you are enjoying the cool breeze and comfort the aircon is providing, it suddenly stops. You stop to examine the aircon and realizes that it switches on and off by itself. This problem is a constant source of irritation for users who wants to enjoy the usage of the aircon. There are several reasons as to why the aircon switches on and off by itself and remedies for them as well.

A very common reason is due to a dirty compressor, which overheating and thus causing it to trip the thermal overload switch breaker. Heat have to released somewhere and a dirty compressor prevents the heat from being ejected and raises the pressure. The rise in pressure and the failure to eject heat causes it to overheat and thus trip the circuit, resulting in the aircon shutting down. Once it is cooled down, it reboots and switches on back to regular performance. The solution to this is to remove the coil outside and to hose it clean with water.

A faulty electronic circuit board within the conditioner which operates the fan coil unit could be a plausible cause. Another faulty component which result the problem is a faulty circuit board or thermal overload breaker, which result  constant tripping of the breaker. In this case, you may need to send it for repairs and may be required to replace your circuit board or breaker.

Due prior user of the aircon which sets the aircon to switch on and off at a particular time of the day in order to reduce unnecessary usage of the aircon.

Whatever the case is, most problems are due to dirty components or defective air conditioner components. It is always good to clean the aircon on a regular basis and to have it regularly maintained in order to prolong the life of the aircon’s and to enjoy its’ usage for a longer period of time.