Why Not Sanyo Aircon Suddenly Stopped Working?

An air conditioning unit plays an important role in our homes. We all know that there are several brands of air conditioning units that home owners can choose from and one of them is Sanyo. However, there are instances when the air conditioner in your home will stop working. There are many factors that can lead to this and here are 4 key issues.

1. Dirty hair filter

The filter is one of the key features that protect the filter against pollutants and dirt. When covered with dirt, it doesn’t serve the purpose which it was intended. A dirty filter leads to blockage of the air that flows in the ducts of your home, therefore making the air conditioning units work extremely hard for longer so as to serve the needs of your home. If this goes on for longer, the unit will break down, it will overheat, therefore tripping the available circuit breaker. It’s recommended that you get the filter of the air conditioning unit changed once a month.

2. Dirty condenser coil

Condenser coils are tubes that are filled with a refrigerant and normally run on the outer side of your air conditioning unit. If the coils get dirty, the air conditioning unit will definitely run longer and this may make it to overheat. Also, when the coils are covered by dirt, they will not be at a position to release heat easily because the existing dirt will be acting as an insulator. It can be compared to a person who is wearing a heavy jacket during a sunny day. The body will desire to release heat but it will not be able to do so because the jacket will prevent the heat from escaping. The refrigerant will not be able to absorb more heat from the surrounding air hence the system will release lukewarm air. This is why cleaning the outer side of the coils that carry the refrigerant is highly recommended.

3. Low refrigerant

If the amount of refrigerant in the Sanyo air conditioning unit is lower than the recommended level, its ability to perform well is hampered therefore making it to overheat. There are several signs that may help you know that the refrigerant is low and among them are when it takes longer than usual to cool your home, if the Sanyo air conditioner struggles to keep your home cool on hot days and when the unit on the outer part of the refrigerator is covered in ice. If you notice these signs, then this is a clear indication of the fact that your Sanyo air conditioning unit is low on refrigerant and if something is not dome with it, the system will overheat and stop working completely.

4. Wear and tear

With time, some integral components of your Sanyo air conditioner will fail to function and should be replaced or repaired. You will need to get the assistance of a certified technician to check what’s not happening and provide the most appropriate solutions.

What to do if your Sanyo air conditioner stops working

Waking up fully covered with sweat is not what everyone would want. Whenever your air conditioner fails to function as required, it’s of paramount importance that you get it repaired within the shortest time possible. Luckily, there are many certified professionals who can troubleshoot existing problems and offer the necessary solutions. However, before you get to the level of calling a Sanyo air conditioning system technician in Singapore, you should take a few minutes to find out what the cause of the problem might be. Usually, the central air conditioning unit may fail because of poor maintenance and this can easily be fixed. Here are a few things which you should check.

· Inspect the air conditioner’s model

The first thing which you should check is the model. Is it fully off or it blows hot air? What type of noise does it make? It by understands these symptoms that a person will be at a better position to diagnose the issues at hand. By the time you will be calling a technician, you will be able to explain the problem perfectly well.

· Check the fuses and circuit breakers

One of the things which you need to check is the circuit breakers. It may also be a great idea if you go around your home and check if there are other devices that aren’t working. You need to do a reset of the circuit breaker and check if it really affects the Sanyo air conditioning unit. Some fuses get blown because of power surges and it’s imperative that you replace those that are damaged.

· Turn off the Sanyo air conditioner and back on

In some instances, the air conditioning unit will need some break and it’s critical for home owners to turn it off and let it sit that way for sometime before turning back on again. In most models, this may solve the problem at hand. But should this happen, it’s important to follow this with a certified professional.

· Clean the filter

If the Sanyo air conditioning unit smells funny or makes some noise, you will need to change the filter. A dirty filter doesn’t just make the Sanyo conditioner run slow but may also fill the rooms with dirty air. Home owners may need to look at the manual before removing and also replacing the system’s filter. Some filters can be washed and rinsed in running tap water while other will need to be replaced.

· Check for loosened screws

Some rattling noise shows that there are loose parts and screws in the Sanyo air conditioning system. That’s why it’s imperative to do an inspection of the entire unit and fix screws that are considered to be loose. The fan may also require some lubrication, but this is something that needs to be handled by an expert. It’s also good if you find out if something has been trapped inside the model.

Prevention is a great way to protect a Sanyo air conditioner. This means that you have to wipe it clean regularly, clean the filters fix loosened parts and ensure the refrigerant doesn’t leak among other preventive measures. If you take proper care, a Sanyo air conditioning unit should last for many years.