Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick? Aircon servicing is essential for keeping your aircon in good condition. It will not only help ensure that it works properly but also prolong its life. If you are wondering about whether or not servicing your aircon is necessary, here are some facts to give you an idea of the benefits of having it done.

Aircon servicing can keep your aircon in good condition. If you do not service your aircon regularly, it might break down at the most inconvenient times. It will make your electricity bills go up substantially because of your aircon’s poor condition. Read on – Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

Ways through which not servicing your aircon can make you sick

1. Frigid temperatures in the house

If your aircon is not in a good condition, it may be very cold in your house. You will have to turn up the thermostat which means that you will have to pay more for electricity bills.

It is advisable to get it serviced when it is not too cold so that you can save on electricity bills. The colder the environment is in your house, the more you will need to turn up the thermostat.

2. Low indoor air quality

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

If your aircon has not been serviced regularly, its filter may be dirty which means that it will keep most of the dirt and dust particles outside of the home. As a result, most of these particles will get into the house and this harms indoor air quality.

The more particles there are in your home, the greater is the risk of developing respiratory problems such as asthma.

3. Respiratory problems

If there are a lot of particles in your air, you may develop respiratory problems such as asthma. Air that is not well circulated will harm the health of those who have breathing issues.

People with asthma and related problems need to be careful about the quality of the air they breathe because it can greatly affect their breathing. Through aircon servicing, air quality in the house will be improved.

4. Potential risk of electrical fires

If your aircon is not in good condition, there is a high chance that it might develop problems with start-up mode. If this does happen, then there is a danger that you might get electrocuted or electrocution could cause a fire in your home.

Aircon servicing ensures that the unit is in good condition and this reduces the risk of electrical fires or electrocution for those who use it. This will affect your health and make you sick.

5. Poor air quality and itchy eyes

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

If your aircon is not working properly, there may be a lot of dust particles in the home that can irritate your eyes or trigger allergic reactions such as itchy eyes or hay fever. The poor condition of the unit will also create poor indoor air quality which can lead to respiratory problems.

6. It can affect your sleep

A faulty aircon unit may not allow you to enjoy a quality night’s sleep because of the noise it produces as a result of a poor start-up mode during the night.

This will also affect your work the following morning for those who do night shifts. A faulty aircon unit can cause you to get sick. Poor sleep in turn affects your work and how well you function in society.

7. It can also affect your blood pressure

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

If there is a lot of dust and dirt particles in the home, it will make breathing more difficult for those with respiratory problems such as asthma or any other breathing-related issues. The stress caused by this difficulty will lead to an increase in blood pressure for some people and this will make you sick.

8. Poor working conditions

If your aircon is not well serviced, it is likely to break down when you most need it. This leads to poor work conditions such as increased temperature that may force you to leave early or miss out on work completely if there is no alternative.

This will affect your productivity and can make you less effective in society with a lot of problems including getting sick.

How often should I get my aircon serviced?

This is a question that most people ask themselves when it comes to getting their aircon serviced.

Most people would want to get it done at least once a year although there are recommendations from manufacturers suggesting that the unit should be serviced every six months for maximum performance and efficient running since your system will perform better with regular servicing.

How do I know when I should get my aircon serviced?

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

There are several things to look out for which will help you decide whether it is time for servicing or not. One of them would be a noticeable decrease in your electricity bills or less cool air being provided by the unit despite using the same settings as before.

A change in the sound of the unit or a burning smell when it is in use. These little signs will let you know that it is time for servicing and the sooner you do, the better it will be for your aircon.

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick? – Conclusion

Will Not Servicing My Aircon Make Me Sick?

Regular servicing will keep your air con in good condition. This will ensure that it works properly when you need it most and this will make life more comfortable for you.

Also, if there is a major problem with the aircon unit, aircon servicing will identify the issue beforehand to prevent further damage or risk to your health. As highlighted above, there are several benefits to be had from getting your aircon serviced regularly.

As such, it is important that you find the right service provider for this job and you also ask around to find out what others have experienced with a particular company before committing.

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