Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist. When you have an air conditioner, you must know the measures to keep it running efficiently. An air conditioner has become necessary with the warm temperatures usually present in Singapore.

Air conditioners have multiple parts. For those parts to work together correctly, you must plan monthly maintenance. There are some aircon maintenance tasks you can do by yourself. The first and most important task is to clean the condenser and compressor.

The condenser is one of the essential parts of your air conditioner. A condenser typically has copper tubing running from it to the house. A layer of white foam covers the tubes. It draws warm air in from your home and cools it. It then blows that cooled air out into your home.

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

1. Turn Off the Main Engine

Be sure the power is not running while cleaning your air conditioner. You can turn the power switch to the “off” position or remove the breaker. You can also turn off your aircon by turning off the power at the main electrical panel of your home.

2. Clean Debris from the Outside

You will generally find a buildup of debris on the condenser’s fins. Carefully wipe away the trash. A wire brush or paintbrush usually works well.

Afterward, you can go ahead and go ahead and place the brush attachment to your vacuum and clean the condenser. Keep plants or objects at least 2 inches from your unit to minimize aircon maintenance.

3. Clean and Adjust the Outside of the Condenser Fins

Sometimes, debris remains stuck on the condenser fins and is not easily removed by a brush or vacuum. To clear this stubborn buildup, use a dinner knife to scrape it. It’s also essential to bend the fins into a straight alignment.

4. Clean the Inside of the Condenser Fins

To get to any dirt or debris inside the fins, you can use a garden hose to spray them. While doing this, please don’t inside the condenser fan.

5. Clean the Condenser Fan

It’s easy to recognize the fan. Because of its moving parts, a fan is a frequent place for dust, leaves, and dirt to build up. While the power for the unit remains turned off, wipe the fan with a slightly damp (not wet) cloth. Allow the fan to dry in the sun.

6. Renew the Fan’s Lubrication

To be sure you have enough lubrication in the motor, you can apply a few drops of motor oil to the fan.

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Once the outside of your air conditioner is clean, you should clean the inner parts. These include the evaporator and the blower. The coils inside the evaporator can get dirty. This will impair the ability of the evaporator to cool the home.

1. Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil door is usually found inside the blower. A lot of dirt can build up inside this coil. Use a soft brush to push the debris out of the ring.

After using the brush, use a no-rinse coil cleaner to complete the cleaning. This cleaner is specially formulated to clean the ring and allow it to work more efficiently after cleaning. If you can’t find that type of cleaner, a mild liquid soap can be used.

2. Clean Out the Drain

The drain of the evaporator can get clogged with algae and mold. A buildup of either of those will cause the drain to become clogged. The gutter can overflow and spill on your floor if it becomes clogged.

If your unit has a drain float, you will not get a spill, but the built-up water will cause your aircon to stop working. Clogging can also cause an unpleasant odor.

Please be sure to look for the drainpipe. Typically, a one-inch PVC pipe drains fluid into your sink or outside near your condenser. A wet/dry vacuum can remove solid clogs from the evaporator drain.

3 Change the Filter of the Blower

If you live in a dusty region, you will need to change the aircon filter on the blower more frequently. If you don’t live in a dusty area, the filter must be cleaned at least twice yearly.

The filter is usually found at the closure at the end of the fresh air duct. You should be able to remove the filter easily. Check the airflow rating on the new filter. It should have the same airflow rating as the one you can.

Following this service checklist for your air conditioner and following it faithfully should allow your aircon to run efficiently. However, no matter how often you service your unit, there are some things you should leave to professionals.

What to leave to the Professionals

1. Choosing the Size of an Air Conditioner

It is best to leave the choice of sizing to a professional. Only some homeowners can correctly estimate the size of aircon you will need. A professional will calculate the length of aircon you need by the “cooling load calculation.”

They will measure the range of temperatures in your room(s). They will ask you how many hours you estimate the unit each day. They will use this to calculate the volume of cooling liquid needed. The final calculation is used to select the right team for your home.

2. In-Depth Inspection

No matter how well you care for your air conditioner, having an in-depth professional inspection at least once a year is a good idea. Several parts of the system require annual adjustments. Trained HVAC professionals are the best people to handle these tasks.

3. Electrical Issues

Homeowners have yet to be trained to handle complex electrical tasks such as the ones that can occur in aircon units; HVAC professionals understand the complexity of the electrical components in an air conditioner. If any rewiring is to be done, it is safest to trust it to a professional.

4. Short-Cycling

If your air conditioner is shutting off and on frequently while running, it may be experiencing short cycling. This is a challenging task to troubleshoot. But it is essential to resolve it as soon as possible to prevent serious problems with the unit.

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist – Conclusion

Air Conditioner Monthly Maintenance Checklist

I think having a maintenance schedule for your aircon is essential. Knowing which tasks you can do yourself and which need to be done by a professional is integral to caring for your home and family.

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