Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul – Like any other machinery, an aircon needs maintenance. Its components are at high risk of damage and low performance because they interact a lot with dirt and dust.

This makes regular aircon cleaning and routine technical check-ups an absolute necessity. When looking for an aircon maintenance service, you will hear two terms. Chemical wash and chemical overhaul, which don’t tell you much if you are not an aircon expert.

In this article, we will define each term and explain their difference. Hopefully, this will help you make a wise choice when picking a maintenance service for your aircon.

1. What is chemical wash?

Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Hearing this word combination may already give you a hint of what it may be about. During this process, the technician disassembles the aircon and gives a chemical cleaning to basic internal parts.

He or she removes the coils, filters and water trays and treats them with special chemical agents. The great advantage of this method is that it removes mold and other bacteria and impedes their further growth.

You can also choose a chemical wash when you notice an increase in your electricity bill. The technician removes build-up on vital components, improving the airflow, and reducing the burden placed on the pump.

If you wonder how often you should do a chemical wash, it depends. If you live in a high-humidity area, chances are that mold will accumulate pretty often inside your aircon. This makes you need a chemical wash once in 2-3 months.

If you live in a place with low humidity, you will need less chemical treatment for your aircon. Still, you will need this type of cleaning for removing dirt and nasty smells originating from outside pollutants. So, try not to forget about it, even if you live in a low-humidity environment.

2. What is chemical overhaul?

Well, a chemical overhaul is something more than a chemical wash. While your aircon may get full of dirt, it may also suffer breakdowns and poor performance. This is what a chemical overhaul deals with.

The technician tears apart the unit and washes all internal parts that are at risk of accumulating mold and dust.

Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Unlike the first method, the technician cleans also drainage pipes and blower wheels. In other words, you get a sanitization of your whole aircon, making it like new. At the same time, the contractor will inspect the components and repair faulty ones if he or she detects any.

So, as you might have already figured it out, chemical overhaul is combination of cleaning and repairing. It is a full-spectrum maintenance service where your aircon receives a royal treatment. You can call in an overhaul technician not only to clean but also to fix broken parts.

If you hear strange noises or your vents have dust, it is a valid reason to perform a chemical overhaul. Also, you can choose this service when your drainage pipes get blocked, which increases the electricity demand.

Generally, you need a chemical overhaul cleaning once a year. This will ensure lower wear and tear and make you replace parts less often.

Which one to choose?

The above information makes it clear that both services are indispensable for keeping your aircon in optimal working condition. You need a chemical wash to remove mold and dirt from basic parts. At the same time, an overhaul will ensure deep cleaning of the entire aircon.

While also fixing anomalies that reduce the performance of the unit and replacing worn-out components in time. Although you need one more often than the other, both deserve to be part of your aircon cleaning routine.

You have to do a chemical overhaul once a year to make sure that aircon parts stay functionable. Still, you can choose this type of cleaning more often. If you hear annoying sounds or the unit has a suspiciously low perfomance, you have to pick the overhaul option.

The same goes for heavy air that gets in your room through vents. It is a sign that either your filter got broken or dust has accumulated on your vents. In such cases, you have to immediately call in a technician for full-spectrum maintenance.

Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul – Conclusion

Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

If you can’t afford both procedures at the same time, you can do the overhaul just once a year. Doing only the chemical wash on a routine basis will already be a step towards keeping your aircon in normal working condition.

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