MCST Aircon Services & Repair

MCST Aircon Services & Aircon Repair – Having your aircon stop amidst a scorching day is the worst nightmare. This is why caring for your air conditioner on regular basis is truly important. Like any other machinery, aircon is at risk of a breakdown and wear and tear.

It needs maintenance and cleaning to keep working optimally. The more indifferent you are to your unit, the more problems it will create for you. With that said, you need to hire an aircon servicing company that will be here for you through the hard times.

Solving any fault that arises when don’t even expect it.

How to figure out that your aircon needs repair?

Sometimes, understanding the real problem of an aircon breakdown is impossible. Especially, if you are not aircon-savvy. However, there are some symptoms that suggest you that something goes wrong in your unit. They are visible and audible. So even an amateur will be able to identify them.

1. Your aircon doesn’t turn on

MCST Aircon Services & Repair

Of course, a general outage can be the reason of your unit not turning on. But you need to check other appliances. If your fridge or TV is working, there is something wrong with your air conditioner for sure. It means that there is no power supply to your unit.

And you need to immediately call the repair technicians. Typically, it happens because of faulty wiring or overheated AC. The technician will revive the power supply, bringing cool air back to your MCST house.

2. Weird noises during operation

A squealing sound is also a valid reason to call in a repair team. Most of the time, it has to do with a worn-out fan belt. You are better off calling the technician before the sound gets louder.

If you allow the fan belt to break down, you will have to pay a lot for its replacement. This is why, take action as soon as unusual sounds arise. In this way, you will pay only for repairs which are cheaper and faster.

Also, you want to look for an annoying hissing sound which suggests that your unit’s refrigerant is leaking. If you identify it, rush to call a technician to prevent further damage. The technician will replace tubing, removing leaks and increasing the performance of your device.

3. The fan runs but air stays warm

MCST Aircon Services & Repair

Having your fan spinning while the air temperature doesn’t change is also a cause for concern. This can happen because of a faulty compressor or evaporator coil. Both are expensive components, so you are better off acting fast.

If you feel no cooling while the aircon is running, you need to contact the technician for necessary repairs.

4. Water damage

Water damage in the area of your aircon is also a sign that something goes wrong. Most probably it has to do with the clogged condensate drain. If not cleaned, it gets accumulations of insects and debris that impede condensate drainage, leading to water damage.

If you can’t clean the drain yourself, call an aircon services provider to declog it properly.

Other MCST aircon services you need

MCST Aircon Services & Repair

Besides repair, aircon servicing includes other important maintenance activities, like cleaning and routine check-ups. Cleaning the filters and drains of dirt and insects is crucial in keeping your aircon healthy and functional.

Regular check-ups help identify tiny problems before they get bigger, preventing more damage. It may include checking the power supply and inspecting the wiring and other systems for worn-out components.

All these preventive actions help reduce the need for repair given fewer failures. The more visits the aircon services technician pays to your MCST condo, the better for your unit and house. He will spot any fault in its early stage, preventing serious breakdowns and keeping your aircon in optimal working order.

MCST Aircon Services & Repair – Conclusion

To conclude, your Singapore condo is always in need of a reliable air conditioner repair technician. He takes care of your unit, preventing breakdowns and repair it if any faults appear.

Some signs that your aircon needs repair include weird noises, water damage, and blowing no cool air while the fan is running. You may also grow concerned if your unit refuses to turn on. It suggests that there is no power supply to it and you need a repair technician for an immediate fix.

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