What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash? Have you ever come back home from a long day of work and just when you switch on your air conditioner you feel it’s not blowing cold air or it is not cooling the room as it should? This problem is faced by every individual who owns an AC.

The time when your AC blows hot air and is not able to cool the room as it should is the sign that your air conditioner needs a deep cleaning. It is a signal that there is something wrong with your ac.

One of the most frequent reasons for this is the amount of dust and dirt that gets collected in your air conditioner. This dirt can block the air passage and make your ac slow. Here is an article that will help you know more about this issue and how to solve this problem by using Aircon Chemical Wash.

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

If the air conditioner of your house is giving trouble and is blowing hot air the most common reason is it needs cleaning. This is a process in which the air conditioner of your house is dismantled completely.

This means the filter, compressor, condenser everything is opened and is then soaked in a chemical solution. This method helps in the deep cleaning of all the ac parts and also helps in removing stickiness and stubborn dirt particles that stick to the air interiors.

Why Do You Need Aircon Chemical Wash?

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

It is very important to understand that we may not always have all the necessary knowledge about our air conditioner. We may feel that spending money on the Aircon Chemical Wash is not necessary but that is true. It is very important to keep maintaining your AC performance.

This can help you in enhancing your ACs performance for the next few years without any issues at all. Here are the symptoms that will indicate that your air conditioner needs to get Aircon Chemical Wash.

  • The AC is taking longer than it generally takes to cool the room.
  • There is a bad smell coming from the air conditioner.
  • The AC is making some kind of noise when you switch it on.

Advantages Of Aircon Chemical Wash

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

Here are the benefits of getting your air conditioner chemically washed.

  • Improves Quality Of Air: Bad air quality can be injurious not only for people having respiratory problems and asthma but also for people who do not have such diseases. Aircon Chemical Wash can help in improving the air quality of your house.
  • Increases The Lifespan Of The Unit: Getting your ac cleaned by the technician will not only help in work better but the technician will also make sure to check all the parts and replace them if necessary.
  • Prevents Freezing: Freezing inside the Ac can cause the entire air conditioner system to break down. Aircon Chemical Wash also prevents the ac from freezing and cleans it.
  • Removes Bad Smell: Foul smell coming from the AC can be because of the mildew and molds inside the ac. The Aircon Chemical Wash can help you in removing the mildew and molds and can make your ac hygienic and odorless.

Things Done During Aircon Chemical Wash

Here is a list of things that are done during the Aircon Chemical Wash process.

  • Checking and Cleaning of various parts like front panel, air filter, cover, inside drainage tray, and evaporator coil.
  • Vacuuming of the drainage system and drainage pan.
  • Checking, purifying, and deodorizing the Aircon filter.
  • Checking of the Lubrication and bearings.
  • Tightening of all the electrical contacts.
  • Checking of the compressor suction and pressure discharge.
  • Finally using a uniquely formulated solution for sanitizing.


It is very important to look for a good company for the Aircon Chemical Washing process. Reputed companies who are in the business for a long time will not only clean the ac but will also replace whichever part is necessary.

In Singapore, the full dismantling of the ac and washing it would cost somewhere around 180 SGD and the charges for gas will cost approximately around 150 SGD. Spending this amount once will make sure you have no Air conditioner problems for the next 2 to 3 years at least.

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