What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting?

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting? If your aim is to decrease energy use, and you live in a warm climate, your aircon temperature setting is everything. For every degree you decrease your aircon temperature, you will save up to 10% on energy use. Many people automatically set their aircon at 19-20 degrees.

This is too drastic and can cause your electricity bills to skyrocket. So make a few simple adjustments and save money with the optimum temperature setting.

Aircon Temperature Setting

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting?

the most efficient temperature for your aircon depends on the season and whether it is boiling hot or slightly cooler and wet. When the technician installs the unit he suggests 22 degrees in hot weather and 19-20 degrees in cooler weather. When it is extremely hot your unit will have to work much harder, and in high-humidity and rain, during the wet season, it is more important than ever to have your unit working at its most efficient temperature for the conditions.

Saving Money on Aircon in Singapore

In Singapore, the temperature is always high, and the humidity causes discomfort, so it is essential to have an aircon in your home, and even more important that it is set at the correct level to ensure an optimal night’s sleep. In Singapore, 25 degrees is the recommended temperature for night sleeping.

This is essential as it will keep the humidity lower, and you won’t feel too hot during the night. If you get your room really cool, switch to a fan after a short while, and this will save you up to $350 a year in energy costs. Obviously, the temperature will vary a bit, as some people like to sleep a bit warmer than others, but eliminating humidity does allow a better night’s sleep.

The Aircon Filter

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting?

Factors like the wind can increase levels of dust in the atmosphere, and this can clog your filter. Air conditioners do not have HEPA filters as these restrict the airflow, and would cause the coil to freeze, so they just have an ordinary filter that needs replacing from time to time.

To optimize the efficiency of your unit it is necessary to clean it often, and if it is working well at the right temperature it will help reduce greenhouse emissions and keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

How Does an Aircon Work?

All aircon units use the same basic components, and they are the refrigerant for transferring heat, a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator, and of these, the compressor uses the most power. It pushes the refrigerant by increasing the pressure and temperature, then pumping it into the condenser

coils that are outside, causing them to radiate heat. The cool refrigerant then flows into the coils of the evaporator, where a fan blows air, This causes water vapor to be released, cooling down the air. In a normal aircon temperature setting, the compressor uses an enormous amount of energy, and this is why having your unit set at the correct temperature is so important.

Benefits of the Correct Aircon Temperature Setting

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting?
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Longer life for the unit
  • Much quieter
  • Fast start-up time, the inverter will reach the right temperature faster
  • Greater user comfort

If you have your unit running correctly and cleaned regularly it will be extremely quiet, and you will forget that it is there.

Research in Aircon Temperature Setting

A lot of research has gone into finding the most comfortable sleep temperature. If you have a baby in the house they will need a slightly warmer temperature to achieve a good night’s sleep, and there is a fine line between being okay and becoming overheated.

The circadian rhythm causes the body’s internal temperature to shift and during the night it will start to shed warmth. Try to keep the temperature around 20 degrees for babies, and a good seasonally appropriate sleep sack will be a suitable cover for them.

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting? – Conclusion

What is the Best Aircon Temperature Setting?

As you can see striking the right temperature is tricky when it involves the whole family, but it can be done with a bit of reading and planning. If you have any concerns about your aircon temperature setting, contact your service provider as they will be able to come and service the aircon and make sure it is working properly, and if not, they will replace it with a new one.

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