Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity? The aircon machine provides cooling in the house through circulating cool air via the aircon duct. The electricity consumption of an aircon machine depends on various reasons including weather.

If you notice then, you can see that an aircon machine uses 3000 to 5000 watts of electrical power for running 9 hours a day during the hot days. So, if you live in a warm climate then, you may notice that your power bills are high. You may blame your aircon system for that.

But if you install a modern aircon system then, you will get a lower amount of power bills. So, before buying, you need to check the aircon electricity power consumption details.

How does an aircon consume power?

If you want to know why the aircon system uses so much power then, you should know how the air condition machine works. The operation of an aircon system is similar to a refrigerator. But an aircon system needs to cool an entire room instead of a concentrated area of a freezer or refrigerator.

The compressor moves between the condenser and evaporator. The system’s air blows out the warm air of the indoor and provides cool air into the room.

This operation consumes a little bit of power. So, you need to understand that if you run the machine all day then, you need to pay a higher amount of electricity bills.

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?
How to reduce the power bills?

1. Raise the temperature:

You do not need to switch on your AC machine until the outside temperature is high enough. You should know the fact that each degree consumes wattage and you need to pay a higher amount of electricity bills for that. So, you need to be smart in this case.

2. Install ceiling fans:

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?

You should install ceiling fans. While needed, you can switch on the ceiling fans instead of the aircon machine. This will save a lot of money.

3. Use blinds and drapes:

If you want to get a lower amount of electricity bills then, you need to use the best quality blinds and drapes. You need to close your windows during the daytime to prevent the sun rays. So, you need to use blinds and drapes for that.

4. Maintain the aircon system:

You need to maintain your aircon system. You need to repair it while needed. In this way, you can keep your aircon system running and efficient as well. You should clean the duct and keep the coils dust-free. A good aircon machine will consume less power. It works efficiently as well. But for periodic maintenance, you need to hire a professional worker.

5. Programmable thermostat:

You can turn off the thermostat when nobody is at home. It is a smart idea that you need to follow. A programmable thermostat will work accordingly as per your daily schedule.

6. Buy the right one:

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?

You need to buy the right aircon system. The high-quality aircon system works efficiently. You will get fewer electricity bills as well. The correct aircon system will offer you great efficiency. So, before buying, you need to talk to a professional and experienced person. You will get a better idea from them. They will suggest to you what you should buy as per your requirement.

7. Replace the old one:

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?

If your AC machine is too old and it needs a lot of repairing cost then, you should replace it and buy a new one. The new and modern aircon machine uses less power and you need to pay a less amount of electricity bills.

8. Do not go for a big one:

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?

You should not buy an oversized AC. you need to buy the perfect size AC as per the size of your room. If you do not understand what is the best one according to your room size then, you should consult an expert. They will suggest you the best option. The perfect AC machine will give you a better cooling option and you will get a reduced amount of electricity bill.

Does Aircon Consume A lot Of Electricity?Conclusion

These are some tips that you may follow and get a lesser amount of electricity bill.

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