How Often Should You Chemical Wash Aircon?

How often should you chemical wash aircon? Air-conditioned units that are exposed to too little humidity will cause them to eventually break down as they dry out. But using a dehumidifier every day might not be an option for some because of the high electricity costs.

Let’s look at when you should probably wash your air conditioner and how often is appropriate. Read on!

What Is Aircon Chemical Wash?

Chemical wash aircon is a cleaning process for an air conditioner. It is a process where the inside of the AC system is scrubbed clean with a chemical solution that evaporates without leaving behind any residue.

Once this procedure has been completed, the AC will be sanitized and cleaned and will maintain its original efficiency. This helps remove any build-up which could cause efficiency drop-offs or unpleasant smells as well as avoiding mold growth in aircon which could lead to health concerns.

Pros And Cons Of Aircon Chemical Wash

How Often Should You Chemical Wash Aircon?

Below are the pros and cons of the chemical wash aircon process.


1. Eliminates unpleasant smells from your aircon

There is minimal downtime as the process takes just around an hour to complete. Some aircon cleaning services even offer same-day turnaround time. This convenience is perfect for those who are busy most of the time and can’t afford to be without their AC for a long period.

2. Helps you avoid mold growth

This chemical cleaning process can eradicate a variety of bacteria and fungi by using chemicals that kill the organisms. If you notice an increase in your AC’s cleaning frequency, this is most likely caused by a build-up of mold – especially after renovations.

Some people are concerned about harmful gases that can be released from mold and prefer not to aircon sanitize at all because of that. This chemical wash process can remove mold growth without releasing harmful gases.

3. Eliminates the risk of temperature changes in an AC condenser due to low humidity levels

The use of high-pressure water particles prevents the formation of ice which damages your AC condenser coil. This chemical washing process ensures that your AC’s condenser won’t experience any temperature change, which will prolong its lifespan.

4. Improves the efficiency of your AC.

Any chemical or dirt that is present in your AC system can cause a decrease in the efficiency of the air conditioner because it clogs up and hinders airflow.

Regular chemical wash helps prevent this from happening and keeps your AC working as well as it should be. This means that you will get a cooler room faster and maintain optimized coolness for longer periods, which could mean saving you money on electricity bills!


1. Expensive for frequent use.

The cost of this chemical wash process largely depends on how often you need to use it. The more regular the chemical washes, the more expensive it will get. Some experts recommend doing a chemical wash process once every two years if you can avoid it and just bear with the unpleasant odors.

2. Takes up a lot of time, especially if you have multiple AC units in your home or office.

Though most companies that offer this service provide same-day turnaround time, you should still make sure that you have enough time to be without AC before choosing this method. There are many home units and AC units for larger offices and buildings which could take more than a day to complete.

3. Aircon chemical wash only offers temporary relief from odors.

Though it’s true that this chemical process kills bacteria and fungi as well as removes other harmful elements from your air conditioner, the odors will only return if your AC unit is exposed to more fungi or bacteria.

How Often Should You Do Aircon Chemical Wash

How Often Should You Chemical Wash Aircon?

This chemical cleaning process should be done about once every 6 months for most aircon units.

If you notice that your aircon produces an unpleasant smell or you see any signs of mold, it may be time to do this process. It is possible to do an annual chemical wash but there is a chance of damaging electrical components if the process is not done properly.

Some companies recommend doing this every year while others say that as much as possible should be avoided as it could cause damage. Make sure that you do this process at the appropriate time and follow instruct the ion guides provided by your professional cleaning service provider to avoid any issues during or after the process.

Common Problems Associated With Aircon Chemical Wash

1. Disconnection of electrical components

It is possible to damage electrical components if connected to the process incorrectly. A professional cleaner will be able to give you advice on what to do should anything go wrong.

2. Failure of the chemical wash procedure due to improper conductivity of the solution

Some chemicals and solutions used in aircon chemical wash might not have sufficient conductivity when poured into a compressor or condenser.

This can cause the unit not to work – possibly even causing it to overheat – which will result in your AC unit being damaged and needing replacement, should one become available for purchase.

For this reason, professionals who participate in this process should know how their solution performs and which chemicals work well with different types of AC units.

3. Damage to the compressor

It is possible for the cleaning solution to get into your AC unit’s compressor and stop it from working. This can lead to a need for a replacement AC, which will be costly for most people. Make sure that you have an understanding of the product in order to avoid this problem.

4. The odors persist

Though this chemical wash process is great for eliminating foul odors, you should know that it doesn’t eliminate the cause of the odor.

If your AC unit is exposed to more fungi or bacteria, then you will have to repeat the cleaning process all over again. For those who suffer from allergies, this can be a nuisance as they may find themselves needing to sanitize their AC units frequently.

5. Not enough ventilation in your AC unit during the chemical wash process

While sanitizing an AC unit with a chemical solution, make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in your air conditioning system as well as around it.

How Often Should You Chemical Wash Aircon? – Conclusion

How Often Should You Chemical Wash Aircon?

Aircon chemical wash has been proven to be a very effective and efficient way for your AC unit to keep you cool, fresher, and more comfortable.

This process is designed to get rid of unwanted odors and chemicals that could potentially cause health issues and limit the life of your air conditioner. This is the best way to ensure that you are able to enjoy the benefits of an AC unit without having any inconveniences or issues.

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