Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom?

Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom? Once air conditioners were considered a luxury item in a household but now it has become an essential appliance especially in hot climatic as well as coastal regions.

You can easily get rid of a hot and humid environment and get pure air at night by installing a good air conditioner in your bedroom.

Though you can find a wide variety of aircon in the market introduced by several popular brands but to buy the best one for your bedroom you will have to consider a few important factors discussed here under in brief.

Choose an air conditioner of the right type:

Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom?

You can choose the right type of aircon for your bedroom according to your budget as well as the layout of your room. Mainly you can find three types of air conditioners in the market, window AC, portable AC, and Split AC.

The single unit of widow AC can be mounted on your window whereas portable AC cannot be mounted at a particular location as you can move it to other rooms in your house. However, the two units of a split AC can be installed on the exterior as well as the interior.

The external unit of this AC includes a condenser unit and a compressor whereas its internal unit includes a blower which is mounted on the wall. So you can choose the type of AC as per your requirements.

The cooling capacity of the aircon: 

BTUs or British Thermal Units are used to measure the cooling capacity of an aircon. This unit helps in calculating the amount of your air conditioner will take away from your bedroom at a particular time. If the BTU of your AC is higher then its cooling capacity will also be high.

You need to buy an AC with the right cooling capacity. It will not cool your room if its capacity is low or it will not dehumidify your room if its capacity is too high.

You can determine the right cooling capacity of your aircon based on several factors including the area of your room, the height of your room, the average temperature of your room, and the number of the floor on which your room exists.

Energy Efficiency rating of the AC:

In today’s world, it is very important to buy an energy-efficient aircon due to increasing levels of global warming as well as tariffs of grid power.

A standard of rating energy efficiency of an aircon has been set by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE in the form of stars so that you can know the energy efficiency of the air conditioner you have selected.

An air conditioner with a 5star rating is considered the best as it will considerably reduce your power bills but it will also increase its price. So you should not buy an air conditioner for your bedroom with less than 3 EER.

The technology used in the AC:

Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom?

Today various types of technologies are used in the air conditioner to make them more efficient but inverter technology is considered the best for cooling your room more consistently.

It is a quieter and more energy-efficient technology as it regulates the temperature in your room by switching your AC on and off as required. Normally, your air conditioner consumes more power whenever the motor of its compressor is started but in the aircon with inverter technology, the compressor maintains cooling by running continuously at a lower speed. In this way, this technology will make your air conditioner more energy efficient.

Other features to consider while buying the best aircon

Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom?

Dust filter: It will catch minute dust mites and dust particles to give you clean and pure air.

Anti-bacteria filter: It will give you healthy air inside your bedroom by removing pollens, allergens, and bacteria from it.

Dehumidifier: It can prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in your room by removing moisture from the air especially in the rainy season.

Auto-cleaning: It will automatically clean the blower of your AC from inside by removing the bacteria and mold from it.

Which Aircon Is Best For Bedroom? – Conclusion

So, you can buy the best aircon for your bedroom by considering the tips discussed in this write-up. An air conditioner with an appropriate size, cooling capacity, and technology can be the best for your room.

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