What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze?

Want to know What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze? Due to the changing of temperature, it is quite normal for people including homeowners to come across the problem of freezing air conditioning pipes. The frozen pipes can create some dangerous problems and it should be dealt with proper care. For this, you need to hire the best professionals. The frozen pipes and coils can cause a big failure in the AC system. You can understand the problem if your AC machine cannot breathe enough air. The evaporator coil and pipes get too cold and freeze over.

How to understand if your system could have frozen AC coils?

What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze?
Dirty Aircon Coil

If your AC machine does not work properly, then you can inspect a few things to get into the problem. These are such as follows:

  • You should check the air flowing from the supply register. If you find it warm or the air stops altogether, then the problem is the frozen coil and pipes.
  • The frozen coil and pipes can lead to the creation of moisture. This can cause water leaking problems in your building.

Now you will have to know why the air conditioning pipes freeze and know the causes as well.

What are the reasons behind the frozen AC pipes?

What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze?
Leaking pipe

Here are some reasons why your AC pipes freeze:

Dirt in air filters: Your AC machines need clear and proper airflow in order to perform efficiently and properly. The dirty filters can create obstacles for the air form to get in and out. If the air is not circulating all around the coils and pipes, then the coils and pipes are getting too cold even freeze as well.

So, clean the air filter is the necessary thing you will have to do. If you cannot do it by yourself then you should hire the professionals in order to avoid some bigger problems like breakdown of AC machine.

Broken fans may create problems: After cleaning your filter, it will not work well if you have broken fans. The broken fans cannot push the air through the system. The fan in the AC machine can create problems if the motor is broken and the blades are not cleaned enough. So, the lack of air flow can lead the frozen AC pipes and coils.

What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze?
Repairing aircon

For this, you will have to call the skilled technician and expert professional. They can fix this problem easily as they have the proper knowledge to deal with such problems and issues.

Frozen coils can block the condensate lines: Condensate lines are the major part of the AC machines. It can easily drain away the excess moisture from the humid air as well. This particular moisture condenses into water and passes through the pipelines. If the water is going to stick in the pipe due to the blockage, then you may face the problem of frozen pipes. This may happen near the evaporator coil. It is the coldest part of the AC machine.

Frozen pipes may cause leaks: The coils of AC machine run the chemical. It can also change the pressure in order to absorb the heat. If it will leak, then the lack of pressure may absorb more heat than normal. This makes the pipe of AC machine freezes over.

This is also bad for the environment as well. Apart from this, living with leaking refrigerant lines is also illegal in some places. So, if you notice this kind of problem then you will have to call the professionals immediately to fix the leak and replace the pipes as soon as possible.

What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze?
Aircon Repair Man

Thermostat setting: Too low level can cause for icing in AC pipes. Many people make this mistake by setting thermostat in lower temperature for faster cooling facility and benefits. This may cause the whole system icing up. During this situation, it will be better to turn off the AC and let the fan run for some time.

Loss of Freon: It is one of the prominent causes of frozen pipes. If the level of Freon will go low then it can result in frozen pipes. If it will happen, then the whole AC unit cannot work properly. Then you will need to call the professional and skilled person to fix it.

What Causes Aircon Pipes to Freeze? – Conclusion

These are the main causes for which the pipe of the AC machine freezes. Regular maintenance of the AC machine is very much essential for its longevity and uninterrupted performance as well.

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