Why My Aircon Is Noisy When Switched On?

If your AC is noisy, professionals recommend that you check the noise quality first before identifying the cause. They also recommend that you check where the noise is coming from.

How To Dismantle Aircon Unit?

Air conditioners are must haves in most homes because of their great use in cooling and air purification. A good home in Singapore cannot be complete without air conditioners. There

How to Troubleshoot Daikin Inverter Aircon?

Daikin has some high quality air conditioners that are specially designed for all customers. You can enjoy some benefits and features that are offered by Daikin aircon units. However, you

5 Aircon Servicing Mistakes To Avoid

A purchase can sometimes be tricky in Singapore. You may not know when you are being misled in the process. When you are buying anything particularly for your home, you

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