How an Aircon Works and How to Maintain it

Currently, the use of air conditioner has really risen, as temperatures are soaring every day. Most individuals normally make the use ofthe aircon’ss during the hot seasons but eventually ignore

Why Do We Need To Top Up Aircon Gas?

Need to topup your aircon gas? To have peace of mind, it is recommended that all air conditioner systems undergo a regular maintenance program. Results have shown that periodically serviced

What Is Aircon Chemical OverHaul?

A chemical overhaul is the process used to clean air conditioning machines which have not been cleaned for many years and therefore it will help to restore and improve the

Why My Air Conditioner Turns Smelly?

Having a smelly aircon? It can be unpleasant to sit down to relax, turn on the air conditioner, and out comes a galore of foul odors. Air conditioning units are

Why Hire Professional Air-con Company?

Looking for professional aircon company? The benefits of getting your aircon serviced regularly are to maintain your aircon units in tip-top condition always and to reduce your monthly electrical charges

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